SSH Tunneling with plink or ssh

To make local port 1234 forwarding to remote hostA port 21: plink -v -C -N -L 1234:hostA:21 user@hostB ssh -L 1234:hostA:21 user@hostB Now You can connect to localhost:1234 to access hostA:21 by tunnel created with hostB. To accept connection from other hosts (not local only): plink -v -C -N -L user@hostB ssh -L user@hostB

putty with parameters – running in Windows

Using session defined in putty (advantage: options like character set translation for that session are used): start "window-name" "c:\programs\putty\putty.exe" -load session-name -l login -pw "password"start "window-name" "c:\programs\putty\putty.exe" -load session-name -l login -pw "password" Using hostname direct (-P with port is optional): start "window-name" "c:\programs\putty\putty.exe" login@hostname -P 22 -pw "password"start "window-name" "c:\programs\putty\putty.exe" login@hostname -P 22 -pw Read more about putty with parameters – running in Windows[…]