SQL Server: test queries without cache


More info

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Spring Boot: run WAR/JAR with specific profiles

java -Dspring.profiles.active=dev,other -jar spring-app.war

Spring Profiles

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GIT: conflict resolve on pull or merge

Theirs on top
git pull -s recursive -X theirs <remote> <branch>
git merge -s recursive -X theirs <branch>

My on top
git pull -s recursive -X ours <remote> <branch>
git merge -s recursive -X ours <branch>

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git: file history with diff

Show diff ONLY for src/main/resources/file.xml
git log -p src/main/resources/file.xml

Show diff for ALL FILES that touches src/main/resources/file.xml
git log -p --full-diff src/main/resources/file.xml

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async.js – download multiple files from multiple urls to first success

var async = require('async');
var files = ['file1','file2','file3'];
var urls = ['url1','url2','url3'];
var down = function(url, file, callback) {
		var r = Math.random() >= 0.5;
		console.log('--- end '+file+', '+url+', '+r);
	}, 1000);
async.concat(files, function(file, callback){
	async.someSeries(urls, function(url, callback1){
		down(url, file, function(isOk){
			callback1(null, isOk);
	}, function(err, r){
		callback(err, r);
}, function(err, fullRes){
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SSH Tunneling with plink

To make local port 1234 forwarding to remote hostA port 21:
plink -v -C -N -L 1234:hostA:21 user@hostB
Now You can connect to localhost:1234 to access hostA:21 by tunnel created with hostB.

To accept connection from other hosts (not local only):
plink -v -C -N -L user@hostB

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HTTPS Redirect with exclude

Example how to redirect to HTTPS, but excluding .well-know/* directory.

<VirtualHost *:80>
   ServerAlias domain.net
   RedirectMatch 301 ^/((?!\.well-known).*)$ https://domain.net/$1
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node.js – port test

80, ''
, function(error, status) {
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async.js: parallel get

 * jednoczesne wywolanie GET'ow na adresy
 * zwracana jest tablica odpowiedzi w callbacku
 * jako drugi parametr lub error jako pierwszy
var parallelGets = function(urls, callback) {
	var calls = urls.map(function(url){
		return function(callback){
 	    	       $.get(url, function(data){
				callback(null, data);
	async.parallel(calls, function(err, res){
		if(err) {
		} else {
			callback(null, res);
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RxJava .reduce()

Observable.from(new Integer[]{1,2,3,4,5})
.reduce(new Func2<Integer, Integer, Integer>() {			
	public Integer call(Integer t1, Integer t2) {
		return t1+t2;
}).subscribe(new Action1<Integer>() {
	public void call(Integer t) {
                // t = 15
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